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April 2021
Happy Easter!
Joyeuses Pâques !

August 2020
Protecting Rights at the Canadian Border
The IRB resumes “pre-COVID” in-person hearings

July 2020
Family Classes – Spousal Open Work Permit Pilot Extended
A Few Things to Consider Before Applying for the OWP

June 2020
Alberta’s Recovery Plan

May 2020
Alberta Immigration Policy Will Change due to Pandemic

April 2020
Open Work Permit for Spousal Sponsorship in Canada
Video Tutorial: Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada – IMM 5710 (06-2019)

March 2020
Keeping Tabs on the Coronavirus
Detention in a Quarantine Station

February 2020
Mental Health Care for Immigrants in Canada
Immigration-related stress is linked to mental health problems
Quality time with your family

January 2020
The Interpretation of Sponsoring a Relative
Video Tutorial: Making sense of the “Lonely Canadian” provision

Christmas Special 2019
New Canadian Exit Information System
Video Tutorial: Application to Sponsor – IMM 1344 (06-2019)

December 2019
Permanent Residence
Tips on Self-Representation
Legal Research Tips for the DIY Client