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We understand the fine nuances of Canadian immigration and citizenship law.

Temporary Residence

Foreigners who have Canadian temporary resident status are allowed to visit, work or study in Canada for a limited amount of time.

Permanent Residence

Foreigners who have Canadian permanent resident status are allowed to make Canada their home. Permanent residents may live, work and study in Canada as long as they keep their status.

Enforcement and Appeals

Generally, foreigners, temporary residents and permanent residents can be found inadmissible to Canada. Hence, the inadmissible person is not allowed to enter and / or remain in Canada. Furthermore, the right to appeal Canadian immigration decisions is not available in all cases.


Canada adopted several methods to confer citizenship:

  • Citizen by birth on Canadian soil
  • Citizen by descent
  • Citizen by way of grant (naturalization) or resumption
  • Direct citizen by way of grant to persons adopted by a Canadian citizen

Our Rates

We charge a professional fee based on a flat rate for most matters and an hourly rate for limited work on a file.


$ 150 Per 30 Min
  • Review
  • Research
  • Opinion

Permanent Residence

$ 3,500 starting price
  • Economic Classes - Express Entry, PNP
  • Family Classes - Spousal, PGP
  • H&C Grounds


$ 2,000 starting price
  • Grant
  • Descent
  • Adoption

About Us

Our history is a true love story.

I fell in love with Simion, who was a refugee claimant in Montreal, Quebec. To help my husband, I managed his refugee and immigration cases and obtained his Canadian permanent resident and citizenship status. In 2015, we started KIS Migration. Since then we helped many people on their journey to Canada. We consider helping others a noble cause and our passion in our work shows.

We offer a full range of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Consulting Services in five languages: English, French, German, Romanian and Hebrew. Our business model of Keeping It Simple is key to success. Everyone’s path to Canada is unique! We assist you on your journey to Canada while making the process easy for you. Let us help you realize your Canadian Dream!


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Convenience, peace of mind, transparency or reduction of risk potential.


Aspiring to become the global leader in the Canadian immigration and citizenship industry.


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Having the right people on your side makes all the difference.


Creating solutions by taking bold actions to maximize opportunities for success.


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