Video: Application to Sponsor – IMM 1344 (06-2019)

Application to Sponsor

Katharina Kontaxis, a Canadian immigration consultant at KIS Migration, explains the most confusing sections of the Application to Sponsor form (IMM 1344 – version: June 2019). Hence, this video is meant to support students and DIY clients to organize their overseas family sponsorship cases.

Video Tutorial: Application to Sponsor

Video Tutorial: Application to Sponsor – IMM 1344 (06-2019)

Generally, you could start reading the basic guide to get an overview. However, the complete guide offers the most helpful tips. Furthermore, the glossary defines legal terms in plain English. Finally, you should consult the fee list to find out the current government processing fees.

Unfortunately, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) updates its application forms frequently. To check whether you are using the current version, you must compare the version of your form with the form available on IRCC’s website before submitting your application. At the time of recording, the form was dated June 2019.

Application to Sponsor a Relative

As the guides do not provide any information on the first question of the Application to Sponsor form, prospects tend to ignore the importance of their choices when found ineligibile to sponsor. In brief, the process of family sponsorship consists of two steps:

Application to Sponsor
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  1. Sponsorship Application
    The prospect applies to sponsor a family member and pays the sponsorship fee of C$75.
  2. Permanent Residence Application
    The sponsored relative (principal applicant) applies for permanent residence as a member of the family class and pays they principal applicant processing fee of C$475 and the right of permanent residence fee of C$490.

Note: To speed up the processing time, the sponsor and the sponsored person are best advised to pay all the fees before submitting the applications.

Sponsorship Eligibility

IRCC may find the prospect not eligible to sponsor for one of the following reasons:

  • failure to meet Minimum Necessary Income,
  • criminality,
  • misrepresentation,
  • default with previous undertaking, or
  • sponsorship bars.

If IRCC rejected the sponsorship application, then the application for permanent residence will also fail unless sufficient humanitarian and compassionate considerations exist.

Therefore, IRCC allows the sponsor to withdraw its sponsorship application. If the sponsor withdraws:

  • all the processing fees except the sponsorship fee will be refunded, but
  • the sponsor loses the right to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division as the file was closed.

Consequently, one must consider several questions before deciding how to answer the first question of the IMM 1334 (part 1, question 1) .

  • Does the sponsor want to appeal?
  • What is the likelihood of success on appeal?
  • Is the sponsor willing to cover the costs?
  • Would it be simpler to re-apply?
  • Which option will be faster?

In conclusion, the sponsor should discuss these questions with an immigration professional before completing the form.


Information provided in this article does not constitute immigration advice. Only authorised representatives are allowed to assist applicants with immigration and citizenship services for a fee. In addition, immigration laws, regulations, and policies are changing constantly.

If you need help with the assessment of your case, then obtain sound advice from Mrs. Katharina Kontaxis, RCIC. Only with a proper case strategy can you reach your goal of Canadian permanent residence or citizenship.

KIS Migration offers a full range of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Consulting Services in English, French, German, Hebrew and Romanian. Its business model of Keeping It Simple is key to success. Everyone’s path to Canada is unique! KIS Migration assists you on your journey to Canada while making the process easy for you. Let KIS Migration help you realize YOUR Canadian Dream!


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