Mental Health Care for Immigrants in Canada

mental health care

Immigration-related stress is linked to mental health problems

Migrant women experience stressful change associated with family and personal issues during migration but their psychosocial needs often go unvoiced. Detecting high levels of migration-related stress in migrant and immigrant women is key to a happy life in Canada!

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Mental health and well-being of recent immigrants in Canada

This paper examines the different aspects related to mental health and well-being during the initial four years after landing, including prevalence of emotional problems, emotional help received, stress levels and main sources of stress. Potential factors that may be associated with the incidence of emotional problems and stress, including socio-demographic, socio-economic, social networking variables, health utilization effects and psycho-social variables are also explored through logistic regression.

Anne-Marie Robert, Planning, Advocacy and Innovation, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Tara Gilkinson, Research and Evaluation Branch, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
November 2012
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Immigrant, refugee youth end up in ER for mental health care more than others: study

“Efforts are needed to reduce stigma and identify mental health problems early, before crisis, among immigrant populations,” the study read.


‘Sucking It Up’ Can Be Devastating For Immigrants’ Mental Health

A study published late last year in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that immigrant and refugee youth aged 10-14 in Canada are more likely to visit the emergency room (ER) as their first access point for medical care for mental health concerns than those born within the country.

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Mental Health of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in Canada

Strategies to improve the mental health of immigrants include community-based mental health delivery, mental health awareness programs, cultural competence in mental health and interpretation services, addressing the issue of unemployment and underemployment, building capacity of healthcare providers, and removing systematic barriers to accessing care.

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