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How to take charge of your medical inadmissibility?

Every permanent residence applicant and some temporary residence applicants must undergo an immigration medical exam (IME).

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) considers the results valid for one year. Thus, the applicant must pass a new IME, if the visa has not been issued within that time frame.

How to Sponsor a Relative to Canada?

Alone and planning to sponsor a relative? Read this article to learn about the court battles surrounding the “lonely Canadian” provision in Canada’s immigration regulations and what it means for you.

What to Say When Dealing With the CBSA?

Tips for interacting with CBSA border officers at ports of entry.

What to Consider When Preparing for an Immigration Hearing?

Whether you are preparing for an appeal, a refugee claim, a detention review, or an admissibility hearing, these basic guidelines will help you through the process.

Legal Research Tips for the DIY Client

Access to Justice – Do-It-Yourself

With a proper case strategy, your goal of becoming a Canadian is within reach.

How to Speed up Your Paper Application?

You only get one chance to convince the visa officer with ease – after that, it’s a fight.


Newsletter – December 2019

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