Francophone Immigration – Welcoming Communities

Francophone Immigration – Welcoming Communities

The Government of Canada launched a new Francophone Immigration Strategy to increase francophone immigration, support integration and retention of French-speaking newcomers, and strengthen the capacity of francophone communities outside Quebec.

Francophone Immigration – Welcoming Communities
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Objectives of the Francophone Immigration Strategy

The Francophone Immigration Strategy aims to achieve 3 main objectives to support the vitality of Francophone communities:

1. Increase Francophone immigration to reach a target of 4.4% of French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec by 2023.

2. Support the successful integration and retention of French-speaking newcomers.

3. Strengthen the capacity of Francophone communities.


Francophone individuals are people who use French as their first language or declare French as the language that they are most comfortable to use.


In June 2016, IRCC launched the Mobility Francophone stream of the International Mobility Program. This stream enables French-speaking foreign nationals to gain LMIA-exempt work experience, and the opportunity to transition from temporary resident to permanent resident status.

Since June 2017, IRCC awards additional points in the Express Entry system for strong French-language skills.

Since fall 2018, IRCC designated a second French-language tester (TCF) for applicants to economic programs.


Information provided in this article does not constitute immigration advice. Only authorised representatives are allowed to assist applicants with immigration and citizenship services for a fee. In addition, immigration laws, regulations, and policies are changing constantly.

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